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Our department carries out education and research activities on Information Communication Technology (ICT) related to computers, which includes hardware, software, the internet, and artificial intelligence technologies. ICT has been an essential infrastructure for supporting the development of the world. This has prompted an increased need for ICT engineers with high-level skills. Students are expected to obtain abroad knowledge and skillset concerning ICT, ICT and to acquire basic social skills that include logical thinking and communication. The graduates of our department are actively involved at the front lines of both domestic and international ICT industries.
The department consists of the following 3 principal education and research fields. This includes 17 laboratories, each of which pursues its own subjects and makes several collaborations in studies with other fields and other universities/colleges. The curriculum of the department contains essential subjects on both hardware and software for creating ICT systems. Every student studies the fundamental subjects of all the fields, then selects a research laboratory and acquires expertise. Every year, around 80 undergraduate students are accepted.

Research Fields

Computer Engineering

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- Computer Science
- Information and Communication Systems
- Computer Systems
- Software System Engineering
- Highly Reliable System
- Web Information Engineering

Intelligence Engineering

- Knowledge Engineering
- Pattern Recognition
- Biological Information Systems Engineering
- Neural Circuit Computation

Applied Systems Engineering

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- Fundamental Systems
- Systems Design
- Systems Planning
- Disaster Prevention Systems
- Information Media Expression and Methodology
- Image Information Science
- Computer Vision

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